wheat grass Juice.


1.One handful green wheat grass pieces.

2.Buttermilk or lemon.

3. One pinch of pepper powder.

How to make..

Grind wheat grass & filter it.After add

pepper powder & buttermilk or lemon Healthy Juice is ready.

Garlic juice


1. 4 to 6 pieces of garlic paste.

2. Coconut juice -one cup.

3. One cup buttermilk.

4. Little green chilli– one piece.

5. Taste to salt.

How to make–

All of these mix it.Juice ready.


Controls gastric. cold, allergies.

8. Turmeric Juice.


1.Raw turmeric. -4″

2.One cup coconut juice.

3. One cup buttermilk.

4. One tsp cumin seeds(jeera).

5 Taste to jaggery & salt.

How to make–

Take paste of turmeric or turmeric powder then mix all of 2,3,4,5- juice ready!!!


Controls cancer.cold. alergy. Mouth fresher.colour is yellow.


Bermuda grass Juice

1. Two hand full of Bermuda grass.

2. Ginger powder or raw ginger solution one spoon.

3. Taste to honey.

4. 2 cups of water.

How to make–

Grind grass and filter it.Add honey and ginger.

It is very helpful to health.

10. Jaggery Juice.

It is a rich sorceful of iron, & digestive.


1.Jaggery. 6 tsp.

2. Lemon. 1(solution -4tsp)

3. A pinch of cardamom.

4. One tsp pepper powder.

5 Two pinch of ginger powder.

6 Two cups of water.

All of these are mix it & juice ready.

7. Kokam juice.


1 Two tsp kokam concentrate or one tsp dry kokam powder.

2 Four tsp sugar or jaggery

3. One pinch pepper & cardamom.

4.Two cups of water.

How to make–

1.Add the kokam to water an ten minutes.

2. After mix jaggery & pepper powder.

Juice ready.


Control the acidity & It is digestible.

1. BRAHMI Juice


. One handful of BRAHMI leaves with roots.

2. Jeera 1/2 tablespoon. (cumin seeds). 3. Coconut milk 1 cup.

4.pepper powder 1/4. spoon.

5. Butter milk or lemon.

Grind the small cutting of leaves with roots and filter it.After add coconut milk ,jeera powder,pepper powder and jaggery. Two cups of healthy juice ready.


1.Increases. memory power and mental power.

2.controls body heating.

2.Ginger juice.


1. Raw ginger 4″

2. Coconut milk half cup.

3. Buttermilk one cup.

4. Jeera powder 1/2 spoon.

5. Black or white Pepper powder 1/2 spoon.

6. Taste to salt or jaggery .

How to make-

Ginger,jeera, pepper and coconut all completely grind, add buttermilk.

Taste to salt or jaggery.

Two cups of healthy juice ready.


Very easily digestible.

Controls common cold.

3.Coriander Leaves Juice .

1. One handful of coriander leaves.

2. Coconut juice one cup.

3. Buttermilk one cup or half of lemon.

4. Salt to taste.

How to make

Grind coriander leaves with coconut.

Mix it with buttermilk or lemon add salt. Healthy juice ready.


1 . Helps in combating fever.

2. Controls body temperature.

3 Give energy.

4. Easily digestible.