3 Best Corona Virus Home Treatment (Get Cure from Covid 19)

Inhibition of coronavirus
Now I have come up with the idea of ​​solving it in some way where coronavirus is causing trouble in the world.

Different kinds of food in the world is fashion. People like a variety of foods such as ready-made food, cold, hot, oil without oil, fruit and whole-grain plants. But this is not the case in animals. They cannot eat this type of food. Yet, the question of how animals are healthier than us must be on everyone’s mind.

Animals eat foods that are natural to animals. Green, fruit, sparkling water, carnivorous etc.

But human food consumes water filtered water, self-contained animal meat, and chemical food.

Animals always live in the jungle. They can get everything from wind-light to sunny. But the human lives inside the building. He could not get a direct sunlight, even if it was a bit of wind light. Farmers get direct sunlight. The most important difference between us and the animals is that they stay in the sun. Sunburn is just as important to our body as it is eating foods. 

My main point is that I give the first importance to food, air and water . Then, food should be given importance. Eating good food without good light, air and water is a waste, and it reduces immunity.

Most viruses are origins in the winter, because the amount of sunlight is low, which means their energy is reduced in the sun. Reducing its product in temperature, for example, workers who work in the sun will have fewer colds.

In the 1920s, the Spanish flue arrived in Spain.  In that time, doctors put patients outside beds. So that they get fresh light and air. The sunburn increases immunity in the body. Any cold-related disease can be accompanied by sunburn with medication. Patients should consume enough heat to block their energy so that immunity often reduces the severity of the disease.

Summary. The important medicine for any viral respiratory illness is sunburn. Yes, the doctor should advise sleeping in the sun. It boosts immunity.

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