Turmeric Juice.


1.Raw turmeric. -4″

2.One cup coconut juice.

3. One cup buttermilk.

4. One tsp cumin seeds(jeera).

5 Taste to jaggery & salt.

How to make–

Take paste of turmeric or turmeric powder then mix all of 2,3,4,5- juice ready!!!


Controls cancer.cold & alergy.

Mouth fresher.colour is yellow.

Bermuda grass juice.

Bermuda grass Juice

1. Two hand full of Bermuda grass.

2. Ginger powder or raw ginger solution one spoon.

3. Taste to honey.

4. 2 cups of water.

How to make–

Grind grass and filter it.Add honey and ginger.

It is very helpful to health.